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It’s our mission to work with those players who choose the alternative option and have the confidence to stand out. The majority of players today are following the exact same huge Corporate brand routines to blend into football society, whilst Stylo offers a more exclusive alternative option, backing and supporting a smaller pool of players who dare to be different from the rest. 

Focus, play hard and let your game do the talking.. 

Have you “got the balls” to step up in a pair of Stylo’s?

Stylo Matchmakers Heirship Seventy Four Tracksuit Adult

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Before the money, before the ego, before the billion pound stadiums there was a boutique football boot label called Stylo Matchmakers. Stylo Matchmakers is a cool "northern English" premium footwear and designer sportswear brand with deep roots in football. Being the first ever designer football label in the business and worn by football legends George Best, Pele, Billy Bremner, Viv Anderson, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Francis and many more dominated the feet of the top tier footballers with innovative designs which are revolutionary.Even old school coaches Bill Shankley, Brian Clough, Don Revie, Jimmy Armfield and Jock Stein sported a pair. Stylo Matchmakers was much more than a brand it was part of the heritage of British football.

Model: Heirship Seventy Four Tracksuit

Sizes: L, XL, XXL

Fit: Fitted Smaller Sizes

Recommend: Opt one size up (All players pictured wearing size L)

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