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Matchmakers Team Wear is a unique football design studio specialising in the seamless delivery of bespoke Stylo Matchmakers football accessories. Conducted by our British factory who have a wealth of design experience with his own premium brands creating and selling millions of products into the market place. If you want a premium British made team wear products you are in the right place.

With our premier league service we offer the latest bespoke service with customized internal sublimation printing. Sublimation is a printing process whereby special inks are printed directly into the fibres of the product’s fabric to create a unique look and feel. Individual garments are then cut from the fabric, cured (drying and setting of the inks) in a temperature-controlled room then sewn to create the finished product. Matchmakers quality production method with NO Minimum order..

Because a single piece of fabric is used, the ink is within the fabric’s fibres and the designs are printed from a high-resolution digital image file, a sublimated garment can incorporate unlimited sponsors’ logos, lettering, number and fine-detail design elements without anything being placed ‚Äėonto‚Äô the fabric. Competitively priced¬†with up to 1 month production.

This allows for unlimited design freedom and a very unique look for your team, through incredible clarity and colour vibrancy.

Stylo Matchmakers  owner Scott Michaels


Scott quotes “Look exceptional, feel exceptional, play exceptional is a phrase we actively practice in all of¬†our projects.¬† If you are looking for an experienced brand partner rather than an off¬†the shelf team-wear supplier – Stylo Matchmakers is a great option as we can offer any¬†bespoke product at a very competitive price without compromising on quality, whether that is your academy training collection or first team kit selection. We also offer a rapid 30 day from approval,¬†Premier League standard turn key solution for professional clubs¬†and¬†Stylo Studio has undertaken projects both in the UK and¬†European regions “

If our concept fits well and you want to discuss how to move things along please drop us an email with your details to