Before the money, before the ego, before the billion pound stadiums… … There was a boutique football boot label called Stylo Matchmakers.  Stylo Matchmakers is a cool “northern English” premium footwear and designer sportswear brand with deep roots in football. Being the first ever designer football label in the business, Stylo Matchmakers dominate the feet of the top tier footballers with innovative designs which are revolutionary.

Operating in the sphere where fashion meets sports, Matchmakers came storming into 2017 by re-booting the brand with the modern Heirship Seventeen collection. Stylo Matchmakers has always been known for and prided itself in doing things a little differently, with a twist and a bit of character. Values that apply to the company’s numerous sponsorship’s around the world as we advertise from the grass roots not the sky high bill boards. Creating sustainable business with character Stylo Matchmakers believes in company karma and in giving something back to people. We plan to distribute over 100,000  boots globally via our Academy Matchmakers program in 2018.